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Seller Protection

Sell at ease on IzzieProp with our comprehensive guidelines for successful transactions. Your security is our priority, and we've outlined key steps for both sellers and our team to support you.

Keeping You Protected:

Ensuring your security is our top priority.

Getting Paid:

Ship your item on time and as described to secure your payment.

Shipping Protection:

For Izzieprop prepaid labels, receive up to $200 coverage for standard, economy, and Media Mail shipments, and up to $20 for First-Class Envelope rates. Issues with Returned Items: If you don't receive your item back after an approved return or if it arrives in a different condition, you may be eligible for reimbursement.

How Returns Work:

Once an order is placed on IzzieProp, it can only be canceled or returned with your consent. The item received was not as described The item received was in violation of IzzieProp’s Terms of Service The item did not receive an acceptance scan from the shipping carrier (first scan by the carrier after receipt/pickup of the package) within 30 calendar days from date of purchase IzzieProp does not accept Returns or issue a refund if the Buyer rated the order and released payment to the Seller or in the following circumstances:

The return request was approved, but the buyer did not return the item back to the seller after 15 calendar days from approval The buyer does not contact IzzieProp within the return timeframe or 72 Hours.

Shipping Protection Details:

To qualify, ensure the package is scanned within 3 business days, provide tracking information within 7 calendar days. Issues with Returned Items: If you encounter problems with a returned item, contact us for assistance.

How to Qualify for Seller Protection:

Follow these steps to be eligible for Seller Protection: List permitted items. Comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

Items must not be on IzzieProps Prohibited Items list.

Transfer all rights or remove restrictions on merchandise. Provide accurate details and photos in your listings.

Additional Tips for Protection:

Clearly list item details, including size, brand, condition, and proof of authenticity.

Include clear photos taken by you, not just stock photos.

Provide a clear image of each item when listing more than one. Use an IzzieProp prepaid shipping label, keeping your shipping receipt.

Pack items properly for safe delivery; refer to our Packing Guidelines.

Sell confidently and protect yourself by following these guidelines on IzzieProp. If you encounter any issues, we're here to help.

Buyer Protection

Shop at ease on Izzieprop.

Your payment is held until your item is:

Delivered and you confirm it is as described.

72 hours have passed since the delivery date and we have not heard from you.

If the item does not match the description, you can request a full refund within 72 hours of receiving it.

For your safety, communicate within the app and avoid sharing personal or financial info during transactions.

Here's how returns work:

Request a return within 72 hours of confirmed delivery and before rating the seller.

All sales are final after the buyer rates the seller or 72 hours after delivery.

You can return or get a refund if: The item is not as described. You received the wrong or missing item.

The seller didn't ship the item There's undisclosed damage. Returns/refunds aren't allowed for:

Accurately described items. Fit/odor issues, changed mind. Return requests made more than 72 hours after receiving.

Requests made after rating the seller.

Offline transactions.

If you get an item that does not match the description, don't rate the seller. Contact us in the app within 3 days of confirmed delivery to request a return.

Fraud Warning:

Be cautious to avoid fraud. Fraudulent transactions can lead to money loss with no recourse. If asked to transfer money in suspicious scenarios, contact us at support@izzieporp.com or report to law enforcement. For fraud prevention tips, check the Federal Trade Commission’s website at www.consumer.ftc.gov.